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353 that is popular for its food and offbeat décor, hints at changes to come. Why wouldn’t someone want to move to one of the world’s hottest destinations in 2017, according to the New York Times? The Times continues stumping for the South Bronx here, noting: Mott Haven may have battled bad press for years, and its police precinct, the 40th, had 14 homicides in 2016 , high for New York. But the scene inside Filtered Coffee on a recent morning featured a woman in a Nirvana T-shirt serving people hunched over phones and laptops. “Being creative is not a hobby. It is a way of life,” was spray-painted on a wall a few blocks away. Following its inclusion on the Times’s list of 52 Places to Go in 2017, prolific Bronx blogger Ed Garcia Conde told Curbed, “We’ve seen what’s happened to Brooklyn and other places that are declared ‘the IT’ place by the New York Times.” He continues, “We’re much more than an artificial community being set up for gentrifiers. We’re a real, living, breathing community rich with culture that intersects from every possible discipline representative of an extremely ethnically diverse people.” This latest inclusion, harkening to the neighborhood’s hip developer-backed coffee shop , feels equally as flat. “With its cafes, raucous bars, vintage buildings, art galleries and bohemian soul, the Lower East Side can seem a cousin of its East River counterpart,” the Times writes. Can’t argue that. The residential Queens neighborhood has become more and more a part of the conversation when it comes to relatively affordable housing in a well-established neighborhood.

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New York Times Endorses American Exceptionalism The battle over the College Board’s AP U.S. History framework brought it home to me just how distressing the concept of American exceptionalism now is for the increasingly globalist American left. When I challenged the College Board’s transnationalism and argued that American exceptionalism needs to remain front and center in any proper treatment of our history, liberals objected. And when the College Board floated a bogus fix for the problem by merely inserting the phrase “American exceptionalism” in its framework, while changing little else, the left went nuts. So imagine my surprise to see the front-page top-of-the-fold “News Analysis” story in today’s New York Times explaining, and implicitly defending, the decision by the Times to publish leaked intelligence material from the Manchester bombing. The headline of the web-based version of this story is: “ Leaks: A Uniquely American Way of Annoying the Authorities. ” Here’s the crucial passage: “To sum up what distinguishes the United States in a nutshell: It’s the First Amendment…The concept of a free press has been integral to the American idea since its inception. That’s not true even of other democracies.” Hmm. So how exactly did this uniquely American emphasis on liberty come about?

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"This development validates a series of reports of atrocities committed by the militants earlier," said military spokesman, Restituto Padilla. "We are still validating other reports of atrocities." Islamic State's Amaq news agency last week claimed responsibility for the Maute's brazen siege. Unverified statements claiming to be from the extremists have appeared online, declaring the city of 200,000 people the "Islamic City of Marawi". President Rodrigo Duterte on Sunday canceled a trip to Japan to address the unrest in Mindanao, an island of 22 million people where martial law has been declared. Police on Sunday outlawed guns there and suspended all weapons permits. Fierce battles took place on Sunday as ground troops engaged Maute fighters with heavy gunfire and artillery. Plumes of smoke were seen on the horizon and helicopters unloaded rockets on rebel positions. A surveillance drone circled the sky above Marawi. Some civilians tied white cloths to poles to distinguish themselves from militants as soldiers on foot huddled behind armored vehicles that crawled along deserted streets.

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