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delegation to the annual summit, which this year is focused on “supporting women’s entrepreneurship.” News of the trip sparked multiple controversies, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson  not sending senior officials  on the trip and Hyderabad police  rounding up beggars from city streets  in anticipation of Trump’s arrival. Trump’s visit to India has also drawn scrutiny because of her clothing line’s relationship to the country. As The Washington Post reported in July, Trump’s brand — which saw wholesale revenue rise to $47.3 million in 2016 — is manufactured entirely overseas . The Post’s investigation concluded that some of Trump’s clothes are made in India, as well as in Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.  Her company’s use of facilities in these countries clashes with the White House’s public promotion of products made in the U.S., which President Donald Trump highlighted during “Made in America” week in July. (That move also drew plenty of ire, with critics pointing out that many Donald Trump–branded products aren’t actually manufactured in the U.S.)  Manufacturing clothing in India and Bangladesh has also raised questions over Trump’s commitment to female empowerment in the workplace — a cause she’s claimed to champion in her father’s administration. In India, for example, the garment industry’s 45 million workers — most of whom are women — face extremely low wages (in some cases, as low as $100 a month ) and dangerous working conditions . Sexual harassment and assault is also rampant. A 2016 report revealed that one in seven women garment workers in Bengaluru say  they’ve either been raped or forced to perform a sex act while at work. In neighboring Bangladesh, garment workers are paid even lower wages , on average, than their counterparts in India. And while building regulations for factories have improved somewhat since the 2013 factory collapse in Rana Plaza that killed more than 1,100 people, many facilities have much more work to do to improve working conditions.

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เสื้อผ้าวัยกลางคน ราคาถูก